Thursday, June 18, 2009

great co-workers

ha! :-)
this week's been a smidgen better at work than usual...i'm fairly lucky in my workplace - i have an amazing boss, a great team and some crazy-ass-but-great colleagues although i find it hilarious that i'm the "token" lesbian out of 300+ employees

regardless, when i finally did come out a few years back, the volume of warmth and support towards me has been no less than phenominal to say the least....i'm sure there's those that have issues with my being so vocal and proud of my confident lesbianism but, and i'm sure of this, they know not to make their opinions least not to my face 'cause they also know they don't want to deal with my wrath when i'm not happy with someone's fucked up, i'm not a freakin' ogre or anything but my blunt say-it-like-it-is demeanor with a firey vulgar-mouthed temper when i'm really pissed is well known despite the majority knowing what a sweetheart i really am ;-)

i won't hesitate telling someone off, in my quiet don't-fuck-with-me style, if they act like a jerk or their opinions are insulting and demeaning to others...yup, that's me...always standing up for the underpuss

i figure i can get away with it as long as i'm discrete because i know that the majority of management...or at least the important ones in me

so, those who don't necessarily agree with 'me', know better to stay the fuck out of my way - lol......the rumour mill hasn't, yet, brought any negative feedback in several years so i'm figuring all is good

oh sure, the place is flocking with the boy queens but i'm the only female gay that's outspoken about it...of course, many of us have our 'suspicions' of other chicks who might be but none of them are 'out and proud' like me ;-)

so, with P.R.I.D.E. in Toronto starting the end of this week, i've been 'decorating' my work area and i've had some help along the way.

the first little gift came from my own boss (very very hetero but very very open-minded) who brought me in a little rainbow pen that she picked up accidentally at some convention...of course the pen isn't intentionally designed for gays...jeesh...but it sure fits the festivities
and, as she told me today, she has some gay-P.R.I.D.E. wristbands (you know, like the ones for cancer and other worthy causes) at home somewhere that she'll bring me if she finds them...of course, with her, there would be a funny story behind obtaining them but too long to go into here.

ok, so they're pencils! don't get your knickers all in a clusterfuck about it ;-) couldn't find the right photo...jeesh lol

then there's one of the dudes in stupid security work pass has my photo on one side and the hugest freakin' font with my name clearly for the world to see on the other side...of course, i wear this attached to my belt and walking obviously keeps flipping the damn thing over to the name side no matter how i attach i came up with a little photo idea to cover my name and voila.....he was so kind as to print it off on colour print (which us 'regular' workers aren't privileged to use for obvious reasons)

and then today as i come back from some assignment i was doing, i turn my chair around to see this beautiful rainbow flag sitting on my chair! from my sweet friend Tammy.....she'd gone to Winners at lunch and when she saw they were handing out free PRIDE flags with purchases, the sweet thing thought of me and brought me one.

so now my workstation looks very P.R.I.D.E. orientated along with a poster i made for myself that hangs just outside on my wall.

looks like i'm set this year....HUGE amounts of festivities to my P.I.C. and i are hopefully and finally going on our long-awaited roadtrip this weekend and then we'll need to literally spread (oooo, nice term) ourselves around next weekend to make it to all the'll be damn good for me since i've been out of circulation far too freakin''ll be great to meet new people and let loose for a while...

oh yeah....bring on P.R.I.D.E., ON ;-)


  1. LOL....Sweet! Can't's going to be a blast!

  2. I work in a tiny town called Wellesley. In the middle of Mennonite country. While some day I hope somebody brings me a rainbow pencil, or wristband...or whatever, I don't know when that will happen. You are very fortunate.

  3. sweetheart....and how many of those lovely Mennonite women hold a deep dark secret??? many of them i'm sure. your next calling? hmmmm, maybe 'open up' some of those lovely, pure, unfiltered Mennonite chicks ;-)
    me? i'm always cruising for sweet things i can convert to our side...or at least have fun trying! but i know, Camlin, in all seriousness, not everyone can be "out" in their workplace..i am, indeed, very very fortunate

  4. Note to Camlin or for You to pass on to her....check out WOODS - Women Out of Doors is a lesbian run group in the area of Waterloo that holds a lot of exciting events and allows you to get to know more people in your area. I had a great time with them for the years I lived in KW. Just passing on the goodness! : )