Wednesday, September 30, 2009

hello all you beautiful women…i’ve been silent for a while…sorry.
but i’ve had good reason.

life has certainly taken a turn for the better…finally, after ½ a century! fuck. :-)
i won’t bore you all with minute details of what’s been happenin’. i think you all have a fairly good idea from a couple of my last blogs (and

simply put…..
it’s been a fucking amazing few months and, for seriously once in my life, i look forward to my life journeys….
with her

our heads….
still spinning from the quickness of it all just syncing together…each step a natural, comfortable, feels-just-right forward to the last….each stepping stone stronger, more solidified than the last.

surrounding circumstances falling into natural place like it was meant to be…me, still feeling surreal to it all after so-damn-many-tired-years of staggering through life like an empty-hearted zombie through each unsuccessful, stressful, painful, fucked-up relationship after another….never feeling like it was the right one anyhow. a fucking waste of my precious time until….

i met her
online, 3 yrs ago – thanks myspace ;-)
where a fast, solid friendship quickly cemented itself in both of us…both already partnered at the time, to share our woes and glees through it all.

my most insane dreams would have never conjured up this wonderful melding of two souls outside of anything but a friendship.

i can honestly say that now i know what love really feels like….real love. honest love. happy love.

when i look into her eyes…when i see her smile at me…when i feel her touch….no words are needed - the story of “us” is very clear….a love neither of us has ever experienced shines through like the heavens themselves had opened up…fuck, i know how mushy and leotarded that sounds but that’s the best way i can describe it all.

two commitment-marriage-phobia women have ‘found’ each other through 3 years of friendship, fucked-up times and not-so-fucked up times…who would have thought???

side bonuses: my teenage son adores her, i’ve never seen him take to anyone like this – ever before. i’ve never seen him enjoy conversing with anyone like her…..her beloved 13yr old Bailey has two mommies now to walk her, feed her, play with her and let her snore and fart her happy self either under our bed or stretch her little chunky butt out on the sofa in total comfort. (um, that would be her dog, ok? )

i also feel a warm, comforting welcome from her family/parental units. a small glitch remains, however, on my side of things. i still have my 20yr old daughter to catch up on all of this, who doesn’t necessarily share her brothers open-minded attitude about their lesbionic mother and, although i know my mom/stepdad are fairly ‘ok’ with my orientation and i know they really adore M since they met her last year but i’m not sure how they’ll handle the news we need to share with everyone…..




we two commitment-marriage-phobia chicks are getting married next summer…holy shit ;-)

it just seems like the next natural step in this union blessed by some higher power beyond my (our) understanding.

we’ve chosen Manitoulin Island – in particular, Providence Bay, which has the most stunning sunsets this side of Canada.

below, i’m sharing some of my photogs with you…yes, she has taught me the trade quite well so far…hope you like them

thank you, my love, for choosing me to journey through life with.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

me? a nurse?

***Medieval Lesbians In Love***, i can write with better humour than yesterday...yesterday i wrote a blog and then felt compelled to delete it 'cause it was too much of a self-pity thing...gotta stop that shit

haven't had too much time these days to blog...nor read anyone else's...sorry :-(

seems i've taken on the role of nursie to my GF...yup, she did something silly at work last week Tuesday that has ended her up fairly horizontal with herniated disc and inflamed sciatica.

she seems to be on the road to painfully slow recovery but each day seems to get a little better with the occasional fall-back to some not-so-good days but that's the way it is with this kind of injury.

when she's having a bad day, so am's difficult to watch someone you care about be in so much pain

when she's having a good day, so am i....i love seeing the sparkle in her vixen eyes and that mischievous smile on her sexy lips ;-)

there's much we've missed in these past almost-2-weeks:
like our daily weekend walks to the Harbourfront, hungrily lining up at corn-dude's hut for some mouth-watering Jamaican corn on the cob

walking through the market place seeing all the interesting goods for sale and seeing what weird entertainment happens to be plugged for that day

sitting at the very edge of the concrete ledge in the harbour, snuggling and kissing while watching all the water traffic

laughing ourselves silly watching all the shocked tourists gaping and gawking at us while we stroll hand-in-hand and mouth-to-mouth through the "land of the heteros" - gawd, one woman almost broke her freakin' ankle tripping over the sidewalk

and, of course, we miss our intimate times...who wouldn't.

but we've discovered something really grand between us....we share more than a 'physical' thing....we share a deep intimacy and love that goes beyond sex.

we share our souls and find solace just lying in each other's arms.

and that's never a bad thing.

soon enough, she'll be back to her old self again. then we'll have some time to make up ;-)

yeah, it's a rough patch for now, babe, but we'll get through it.

i'm so proud of....

i love You

Friday, September 4, 2009

fun Vid:

a fun video just because Ms. Brown is so very Divine ;-)