Sunday, August 15, 2010

a happy sammie :-)

so, wifey and i are sitting down for breakie this morning...i'm in a pissy mood and i'm feeling even shittier as i see Her trying hard to be non-chalant until i, basically, 'come around' to a better frame of mind...things just pissing me off all around and doesn't help that the menopausal period is now officially a week couldn't be that i'm pregnant, right? lol

"honey, can i make you breakie this morning?" She asks. "no, i'm not hungry" comes a solemn reply.

but, in Her usual manner, She comes to the table with PB, 2 jams, 4 toasts and a jar of Cheez Whiz. Oh, no...She's going to make the gross concoction of a sammie that She's been telling me about for a while now! ewwwww, gross! Cheez Whiz & Jam??? W T F????

As She happily slathers on the Whiz and plops a good tsp full of berry jam on it, i' m about to empty the contents of my tummy when She lovingly turns to me and says "Baby, wanna try it? just a little bite?"...i take just a wee bite off the end of Her toast and...

wow...this is NOT bad at all...interesting but definitely not gross :-)

i get as adventurous as trying my own on 1/2 a toast - this time with Carrot Marmalade We picked up in St. Jacobs.

thinking this would be great blog material, i go in search of a Cheez Whiz & Jam image on Google...i don't find one BUT what i do find is even more interesting...

look at this! holy shit, are ya jivin' me?? LMAO....Cheez Whiz

try may just like it ;-)