Wednesday, January 12, 2011

inspired once again...

i’ve been refuelled, so to speak…a spark of life has been reignited inside of me thanks to a sexy, adorable yet fierce little spitfire that is one of my wifey’s employees…we, all 3 of us, and let’s not forget the Samster as well, sharing an insane passion for photography…the same passion that, over 2 yrs ago, my then-only-friend-now-wife discovered in me with her own amazing energies on a mere across-Canada visit ;-)

For anonymity’s sake i’ll refer to the little spitfire as ‘muffin tops’ or MT ;-)

MT sent me a link on FB about an unknown, untapped street photographer and her story…so far. there is, it seems, far more to discover of this incredibly talented, now deceased, woman.

to Vivian Maier…had you still lived, i would have happily flown to Chicago just to shake your hand and give you an immense hug of gratitude and respect. your photography has left me breathless with a passion to relaunch my own photographic pursuits that have, sadly, been too long lacking. (below, Vivian herself)

it’s exactly her style of photography that i want to hone my skills at. her and many others…of course, there’s the well known (and one of wifey’s favs), Diane Arbus. add to this impressiveness the likes of Harry Callahan, Garry Winogrand, Helen Levitt and wifey's latest awareness to me, Lana Slezic (sorry, can no do the required symbols for true cultural name) . wow *sigh*

not that my wifey doesn’t instil passion in me…but that’s in a different category ;-)

we’ve both been so insanely busy with every day life and it’s turmoils and annoyances that we’ve nary had a moment to share our much loved photography jaunts…did i REALLY say nary? i am getting old.

but the every day hassles of dealing with difficult people, every-fucking-where, is tiring me out and sending me into the blue zone of depression. some days, not even my gorgeous wifey can drag me out of the pits.

so, when i saw the FB share from MT and i started watching the video, a new spark took hold. i’m now on a frenzied knowledge hunt to absorb and learn all my wee middle-aged brain can absorb about this photographer…and others who share the same passion for street photography. i, hoping to be a mere drop in this pool of incredible talent.

hey wifey, we’s has some exploring to do…strap it on, baby, and let’s go!

below, some of my fav shots from Vivian and Harry:


Harry Callahan...