Saturday, May 29, 2010


The words have been drained from this pencil
Sweet words that I want to give you
And I can't sleep
I need to tell you

When we're together, I feel perfect
When I'm pulled away from you, I fall apart
All you say is sacred to me
Your eyes are so (brown)
I can't look away
As we lay in the stillness
You whisper to me

"A", marry me
Promise you'll stay with me"
Oh you don't have to ask me
You know you're all that I live for
You know I'd die just to hold you
Stay with you
Somehow I'll show you
That you are my night sky
I've always been right behind you
Now I'll always be right beside you

So many nights I cried myself to sleep
Now that you love me, I love myself
I never thought I would say this
I never thought there'd be

Saturday, May 22, 2010

the 'real' truth...finally

on the heels of my Big Day...married now 3 days ;-)
i keep 'checking in' with Hollywood Farm Girl - Melissa's (Etheridge) now-ex.
hoping for a glimpse at the real truth...not Melissa's truth.
today, i see it on Tammy-Lynn's blog...and i nod my head to my wife...'i knew it' i say
M says "no surprise", Melissa's been known to be a player for most of her years in the music business...but, really, this is downright shitty and cowardly of her
don't get me wrong...she's an amazing musical talent, i love her music, and there's always blame on both sides when a relationship/marriage falls apart but, in this case, i think her timing sucks hugely in releasing her new album...she's cut her marital ties, left behind a mess for the other to clean up and take the brunt of the blame publicly - meanwhile, Melissa's out there again strumming her guitar strings like there's no fucking tomorrow without any regard for the wake of her
still a lover of her music, it has, however, left her appeal definitely tarnished to this fan
it's sad...

Thursday, May 20, 2010

'git 'er dun"...

LOL...yes, the 'big deed' is now done ;-)

WE got married yesterday, in a simple but VERY nice civil ceremony at Toronto City Hall.
it felt good to see a couple of Our friends take the time off work to be there for was heartwarming to see Her brother/his wife and my mom get all emotional during the ceremony...and, a nice stepdad came at the end to congratulate steps but steps nonetheless. my heart hurts for the rest of Her family who could not attend...they were all down with an insane strain of flu virus, including new baby Ben...but i'm mostly concerned for Her elderly parents whom this flu will be toughest on...thankfully, She set up the vid cam so they will be able to see the ceremony on Our next visit to them...

She liked Her surprise from me...i changed outfits before the ceremony started...became a bit more 'femme' for Her ;-)
fuck those heels suck shit big time LOL

at first, i was hesitant on the change of outfit deal 'cause i didn't want Her to feel like i was placing Her into the 'male' role of Our relationship...uh uh...that's not how We roll.

what gave me the idea, however, was that, in an earlier part of Our 'courting' days, i tried on a basic black summer dress one day and She literally went crazy horn-dog on me ;-) so i thought maybe She'd like me to dress a bit more girly for Her on Our day together. i also remember, pre-dating Her years, that Her blogs included fantasies with girly-femme-types so i thought this might get Her pumped a little more...
i know...quite wicked of me ;-)

this morning, We lay in bed together, admiring the new jewellery piece on Our fingers...a simple yet beautiful reminder of Our commitment to each other feels just right...Mrs. and Mrs.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Our day...

so...could i BE anymore PUMPED, ya think??? LOL
yes, with approximately 7.5 days to go til i wed that sweet, sexy woman, i'm driving folks at work crazy...beaming non-stop from ear to ear like a giggly school girl

they ask me: 'are you nervous?', not at all
how can i be when i know and FEEL in my heart, soul and yes, gut, that this IS the right life partner for me

they ask me: 'are you going to wear a dress?' WTF?? they obviously don't know me as much as they should...i DON'T wear dresses! jeesh!

they tell me: 'it's good to see you finally so happy in your deserve both deserve it' yes, i agree on both counts.

i'm happy
to wed my woman