Saturday, May 22, 2010

the 'real' truth...finally

on the heels of my Big Day...married now 3 days ;-)
i keep 'checking in' with Hollywood Farm Girl - Melissa's (Etheridge) now-ex.
hoping for a glimpse at the real truth...not Melissa's truth.
today, i see it on Tammy-Lynn's blog...and i nod my head to my wife...'i knew it' i say
M says "no surprise", Melissa's been known to be a player for most of her years in the music business...but, really, this is downright shitty and cowardly of her
don't get me wrong...she's an amazing musical talent, i love her music, and there's always blame on both sides when a relationship/marriage falls apart but, in this case, i think her timing sucks hugely in releasing her new album...she's cut her marital ties, left behind a mess for the other to clean up and take the brunt of the blame publicly - meanwhile, Melissa's out there again strumming her guitar strings like there's no fucking tomorrow without any regard for the wake of her
still a lover of her music, it has, however, left her appeal definitely tarnished to this fan
it's sad...

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