Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Thanksgiving - Canadian Lesbian Style :-)

this year, TG was a bit different for sure. all around family decisions were that my mom would not have a TG dinner this year as we are all getting together anyhow for The Boy's big upcoming 18th birthday and since my mom had been putting in a lot more hours than usual into her funeral-catering p/t job, i thought she should take a well-deserved rest rather than cooking one of her wonderful family meals. plan was, then, to go only to M's family TG get together on Sunday which is about a 5 hr drive in total.

well, the nasty-ass fall i had last week, didn't allow for that either. so, as amazingly usual for my Woman, She decided to make Us a TG dinner but with a slightly different twist...kind of a one-pot meal deal. seems the idea light-bulbed into Her mind - but then again, She always comes up with wonderful ideas to cook food in different ways - a definite asset in a wife ;-)

Our meal was an authentic homestyle Thanksgiving dinner as shown below with all the fixin's 'n trimmin's required including the homemade cranberry sauce done up in one full swoop of a skillet...mmmm, yum!

in this lovely dish, We had a layered TG dinner with peas, potatoes, squash, chicken (meh, not much diff) with a layer of gravy smothered on top of it and then it was all topped off with (Her) Grammy's secret gourmet stuffing - oh my, each spoonful aromatized itself onto Our plates and into Our tummies - i had 3 servings! and, on the side, some more homemade gravy which melded the whole meal smoothly together.

We's had Ourselves a fiiiine Thanksgiving dinner, yes We's did :-)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


LMAO...i'm sitting here in dire pain from my stupid-ass fall down the stairs the other night...yup, hard-ass, shiny, gleamy wooden stairs onto the next level of hard-ass, shiny, gleamy wooden floor with broken glass, water, vinegar bottle, box of baking soda (don't ask) all around me...was hard to convince my son and wifey that i DID NOT piss my pants, it was the water from the broken glass - but i'm sure they still don't believe me - anyhow, i'm sitting here now on my wifey's laptop since i can't stand or sit in a chair for more than 30 seconds, trying to recuperate, listening to my fav Elton song (Someone Saved My Life Tonight) when i remember Our laugh the other night and the beginnings of another blog.

although i absolutely LOVE Her feet - She has the sexiest feet i've ever had in a partner but i get a little laugh everytime i look at Her toes...so opposite my own...they're like little soldiers marching - lol. yes, i love my woman's feet & toes to be sure...and don't even get me started on those amazing, sexy hands/arms of Hers...wow **panting**

and, although She, Herself, has not been feeling well the past couple of weeks, She hasn't hesitated in looking after me since my fall. the next day after the fall, She stayed home from work to look after me all day. yesterday, before She went back to work, She shows up in Our room with a jug filled with ice water, a cooler bag with all kinds of goodies in it and a travel mug of tea, enough to last me until 'the boy' got home from school.

this morning, before She took the car in for brake repair, She brought me tea, bagel w/cream cheese and a Boston Cream donut.

I'm such a lucky woman :-)