Saturday, September 5, 2009

me? a nurse?

***Medieval Lesbians In Love***, i can write with better humour than yesterday...yesterday i wrote a blog and then felt compelled to delete it 'cause it was too much of a self-pity thing...gotta stop that shit

haven't had too much time these days to blog...nor read anyone else's...sorry :-(

seems i've taken on the role of nursie to my GF...yup, she did something silly at work last week Tuesday that has ended her up fairly horizontal with herniated disc and inflamed sciatica.

she seems to be on the road to painfully slow recovery but each day seems to get a little better with the occasional fall-back to some not-so-good days but that's the way it is with this kind of injury.

when she's having a bad day, so am's difficult to watch someone you care about be in so much pain

when she's having a good day, so am i....i love seeing the sparkle in her vixen eyes and that mischievous smile on her sexy lips ;-)

there's much we've missed in these past almost-2-weeks:
like our daily weekend walks to the Harbourfront, hungrily lining up at corn-dude's hut for some mouth-watering Jamaican corn on the cob

walking through the market place seeing all the interesting goods for sale and seeing what weird entertainment happens to be plugged for that day

sitting at the very edge of the concrete ledge in the harbour, snuggling and kissing while watching all the water traffic

laughing ourselves silly watching all the shocked tourists gaping and gawking at us while we stroll hand-in-hand and mouth-to-mouth through the "land of the heteros" - gawd, one woman almost broke her freakin' ankle tripping over the sidewalk

and, of course, we miss our intimate times...who wouldn't.

but we've discovered something really grand between us....we share more than a 'physical' thing....we share a deep intimacy and love that goes beyond sex.

we share our souls and find solace just lying in each other's arms.

and that's never a bad thing.

soon enough, she'll be back to her old self again. then we'll have some time to make up ;-)

yeah, it's a rough patch for now, babe, but we'll get through it.

i'm so proud of....

i love You


  1. Ouch! Herniated discs are not fun! I've been there...spurred me into the decision to have weight loss surgery, and even then it was months before my back was normal.

    All that being said, it is wonderful to read that things are going so well in your relationship.

  2. Thanks Camlin....I am on the mends and the relationship is amazingly fantastic! I have found a wonderful woman to share my life with...XO Babe!

  3. oh stop it you two! i'm blushing ;-)