Sunday, June 14, 2009

a treat for myself today....

hmmm...i've been hit fairly hard with bullshit again these past few days but, hey, that's life.

we all know it feels good to go out and buy something for ourselves when we need an uplift, no?
of course!

in my haste to clear out some stuff today to release my brain of memories i'd much rather forget, i quickly realized that i now had no bed sheets for my bed. shit.

ah, but a perfect opportunity to incorporate more of my latest colour scheme for my bedroom....dark chocolate go with my sensual antique mahogany sleigh bed

patiently waiting for the streetcar to voyage me up to the nearest metro huge shopping centre, i was starting to get restless so i started looking around out of sheer boredom for this streetcar i saw no signs of coming

and there it was! yup....a little independent bed/linen store right across the street from where i was standing! woohoo.

within 15 minutes, i found the colour, the thread count, the size and the blend - Egyptian cotton and nothing else for these luscious curves ;-)

and to boot?

they were 50% off! holy shit, what a find.

now i feel much


  1. Holy Shit! Those are my bed sheets!! LMAO Now THAT'S funny

  2. very inviting, great choice!

  3. thank you all! i thought so too ;-)
    it's like wrapping yourself in some warm, luscious, creamy chocolate..ok, maybe not quite so but you get the jist.