Tuesday, June 23, 2009


where(??) is all this - very hot - energy coming from so suddenly? it’s like i’m a different person….as if i’ve been pumped full of high potency energy supplements or some kind of female viagara LOL. no way i’m complaining. i’ll enjoy it while it lasts…but, shit, it better last through to the end of this coming weekend! gotta finish P.R.I.D.E. with a bang…oops, wrong choice of words

or not ;-)

‘cause who knows what mischievous deeds i’ll get into if all the karmatic energies play out in my favour for a change and with so many hot lovelies abound? omg.

although, in all honesty, i am not a one-nighter. never have been. well, ok, once ….in my teens…and that was only because i thought it was a way of getting back at someone who dumped my ass. but it went very wrong and ended up being one of the worst sexual experiences i’d ever had. i’m cringing at the mere memory of it.

yet, still….there are often times, especially as time is ticking away faster with each passing year and 50 is peeking around the corner at me, i crave that one night experience….maybe just once more….before i really AM too old.

as i sit here this morning playing my fav cd of late, there’s one track that is like an overdose of aphrodisiac for me. it’s one among many other songs that induce such naughty fantasies it’s actually overwhelming (not such a good idea while i’m at work). it’s not even the lyrics but the beat and the darkness of the song itself that throws me into total sexual oblivion. sounds fucked up, eh? lol

not really though…my personal aphrodisiacs have always been body scents and music. these two additions can up the enhancement of the experience, at least for me, to a new level. (ok, throwing in some smooth green leafy stuff is always good too).

sadly, i’ve not, often enough, been accommodated with these from past lovers, no matter how blatantly i’ve hinted. yet i’ve always gone to great lengths to ensure that i’m a source of sexual delight for them in whatever capacity that may need to be.

which then concedes me to believe that most lovers are very selfish, no? well, maybe it’s time for me to be selfish too. yeah, right…like that’ll ever happen.

so, how did we get to this discussion?? hmmm,

1. seems that the ticking clock syndrome has hit me as far as sex is concerned and i’m worried
i’m going to miss out
2. encroaching menopause, fully on its way with its own set of additional worries of
physical/hormonal changes
3. and….fantasies of raw sexual craziness are imploding my every waking moment these days

and the fact that i seem to just want to ramble about shit on my mind so i can move past the past and enlighten a hopefully better future

but isn’t that what a blog is for?


  1. sexual energy & PRIDE...a perfect combination ; )

  2. oooooh...i like that version of Melissa Ferrick's DRIVE too! nice