Thursday, June 25, 2009

fuck, i love my therapist....

to my Judy who knows me like no other

i thank you, endlessly, for getting me through soooo muuuccchh shit in the time we've known each other.

honestly, you are a God-send if there ever was one.

and a real trooper...i remember when i first came to see you for sessions.

you, battling your own hell at that time...recovering from cancer. still taking time for me right after your chemo sesssions, even when i urged you to reschedule me....holy shit. how selfless is that??

you, dear dear sweet lady, have, again, as umpteen times before, pumped new life into me.
you have, again, given me the greatest advice in how to deal with the shit in my life.
you, again, have lifted me up, taken me into your arms, literally with your kind, supportive, intelligent words and physically with your caring arms when you give me both a greeting hug and a parting hug.

you, with that ever-smiling lovely face that beams at me with encouragement, hope and the sincerest care and love i've ever seen from any human.

my thanks to you is endless.
thank you for turning what was a shitty day into a really great ending of the day.

thank you for believing in Angel Cards too and laying them out today...yes, Archangel Raphael is my constant in all my readings.
know, always, that you are genuinely respected and loved.


  1. It's great when someone like that comes into your life.

  2. I am glad you have someone like her to confide in and bring out your for AR, hmmmm...I often use his healing spirit to guide me through meditation...