Saturday, June 6, 2009

a bit of a piss off, i'd say

i'm back on blogger with a new profile but i can't allow myself to think too much on why i had to do a new profile because then i'll just get really pissed and i don't want to be in a pissy mood as i'm, finally, going to socialize in the lesbian world least i hope so...i've been out of circulation far toooooo long ;-)

the fact that i had some freakin' psycho stalker force me into a new profile pisses me off enough but the fact that i have to now try and relocate all my friend bloggers again pisses me off even more 'cause it's not an easy task...yes, in hindsight i probably should have been a lot smarter and kept a word doc with everyone's links on it so that i merely had to revisit and add to my fav blogger list but i wasn't thinking clearly at the time...obviously. shit like that happens when i'm in a nasty mood...i react before i think. yup, still working on that ;-)

and in that way, is kind of stupid. how in the hell do i rebuild my friend list of other amazing lesbians when I CAN'T FUCKING FIND ANYONE! not like blogger has a category search where i can just seek-and-find....i'm not a huge myspace fan, despite still having a profile...but at least with myspace, you can browse, search and invite like-minded women to your page...fuck, here i feel like a flotation device in lost space with nowhere to attach....i can only rely on profiles i find on other women's pages...not an easy task

so, as much as i love to purge my shit on a blog, this site is not impressing me at all

i am happy that i have 3 of my best buds back but still....

i miss my other friends :-(

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