Saturday, February 27, 2010

and that says it all....bitchsession only

i just read an amazing blog (the "good boy" one) that set off some more underlying shit that bothers me about myself and those who feel the need to "tell" me who and what i am....this was my response to her.

..."i LOVE this writing you posted…but it also makes me sad in some way as i cannot quite identify myself in the same manner even though i’d like to – oh yeah, i’m comfortable being myself and who i am for the most part…i guess you could say i’m a butch with a femme lining?? i don’t know…i just know that i’m not a femme, i don’t act like one (most of the time with exception to my giggling episodes), i don’t dress like one (except for my fiance behind closed doors but she’s the more butch of the two of us and loves it when i dress that way)…but i fight the ‘you look too femme to be butch’ attitude every day…why??? because i have curves, tits, round ass and curly blonde hair???? wtf?? anyhow, enough babbling – i love your writings. have a great weekend :-)..."

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