Saturday, February 20, 2010

love for love....

the other day, coming home on the streetcar, the thought of Her came into my brain for, i'm sure, the 1,000,000th time that day.

She occupies that space so much there's barely room for anything else and it's not like it's a huge brainage space to begin with. no worries, i still can think and get my work shit done.

as blogged before, it's been a fucking whirlwind since June of last year, and i mean that in a really good way. the best way to describe it is two lost soul mates finally coming together after a few years of emotional ping pong with a solid friendship base to hold it all together.

the union of this pair - Us - has been, and continues to be, mindblowing to say the least. it's shattered all my doubts and facetious opinions about finding true least for me. i always knew it existed - for others - but never thought it a remote life possibility for me.

the simple feeling of knowing, that day on the streetcar, that i'd be home with Her soon brought such a blanket of contentment, peace and love i'm still not used to experiencing. i hope i never take those feelings for granted. but this is how i feel every single day of my life. i can't wait to be with Her at the end of the day, wake up to Her in the mornings, Our strolls with B, Our road trips, everyday regular life things like shopping for groceries, cooking together, washing the car, etc etc.

no matter how great or shitty my days are going, the thought of Her makes every day worthwhile.

there's no doubt i continue to behave like an asshole towards Her sometimes....i have a lot of really crappy post-asshole-relationship baggage i carry with me that's laced with a lot of anger....poor Her, i know but it's shedding slowly - yet, there is a noticeable change in me, ...thanks to Her.

i can't wait for Our wedding day, babe....yup, just over 80 days to go ;-)


  1. can't wait!!! XO to infinity and all that other mushy stuff i will save for the get in there and get naked!!!! lol

  2. sounds like you found your forever treasure!

  3. yez aye did! lol
    thank you reeflightning :-)