Wednesday, July 8, 2009

my morning treat

i sit here, heart pounding, as i write this @ 7:15 a.m. having arrived a wee bit late for work. but
i don’t care…..

i’ve just seen her…..

the adorable and very sexy young lovely i saw several weeks ago.
the same lovely one i’ve been keeping my eye out for each and every day since, as i round that same corner where we first ran into each other.

i, getting my usual chai tea, morning fruit cup ritual with some semblance of a healthy oatmeal muffin.
my fav song from Gladys Knight piping through my ears (Take Me In Your Arms) as i turn around to leave the condiments station….
walking through the door.

my heart nearly dropped from its safely nestled place.
that place that i try so fucking hard to not open too much to anyone.
(i can clearly see someone nodding her head in agreement right at this moment)

last time, she took a backwards glance at me.
this time, she planted those lovely eyes right on me and smiled with a quiet good morning at the same time i, also quietly and in my sexiest soft voice ;-) wished her a good morning as well.

like a happy child, i practically skipped out of there – but in a cool way ;-)
i so wanted to find an excuse to turn back to see her again but my brain was in a kind of clusterfuck at that moment so, like an idiot, missed my opportunity again…damn.

but, really, wtf am i thinking??? she’s probably way too young for me anyhow…probably even younger than my ex (yup, a ripe 17 yrs diff).

yet, the first instinct that hits me about her is all good. as well known about me, i’m not in the market for any type of serious relationship but i just want to get to know her even as a potential friend….what is wrong with that?

if karma and timing are anywhere near on my side, maybe i won’t have to wait several weeks this time to see her again…hopefully the timeline will be kinder and much MUCH shorter.

same time, same place
i hope.


  1. LOL...The life we lead as potential hunters in the Lesbain world...full of naughtiness and go Girl! ; )

  2. makes the work week worth it, doesn't it.

  3. hey Jude - um, pun aside ;-)
    yeah, it does in a big way....but, lately, i've got a couple of things getting me through my work weeks...feels kind of good for a change ;-)