Saturday, July 11, 2009

my Friday sparkle....

yesterday, after work, i wasn't near in the mood to post anything that resembled a good day 'cause my day hadn't ended so good...well, at least until an old friend i recently reconnected with was sitting in my living room sipping a glass of Naked Grape...then the mood improved immensely.
so, back to my 'twinkle' girl from earlier this week ;-)
(i can hear the qualifying laps outside my condo balcony for the Honda Indy as the rain & thunder approaches. that's just how close i live to all the action....gonna be a noisy day lol)


7:11 a.m.

karma was kind to me this morning.

saw her again…..
crossing the street towards me

all i could do was
smile :-)
at her
just to let her know

and hope she saw what building i entered

with her memory seared into my brain,
i look forward to the reality of the weekend
for possibly more concrete adventures ;-)

have a good one, all

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