Tuesday, July 14, 2009

another stupid anti(?)-gay comment....

ps: i just noticed how i freakin' rambled on about shit on this one...oh well, deal with it ;-)

so, let's add to the already highly stupid or **'leotarded' shit that folks say to your face and often, unfortunately, not even realizing how insulting they're actually being.

i'm not known for being a hardcore misandrist for nothing because it's usually dudes that say stupid shit to us like today....

i'm at the mall, run into male co-worker i've known for years...grant you, yes, he knew me before i did the big coming out dance but, fuck....he should be more careful with his words as he apparently has several lesbian friends (one of which is a total stuck-up-too-good-for-anyone kind of dyke).

we're chatting about potential girls at work - other than me - who could possibly be of the lesbionic nature but just haven't had the kahunas, for one reason or another, to come out....as he then says to me, "yeah, my gaydor didn't even hone in on you because you don't give off that lesbian vibe."

W T F????

now some of you may wonder why this pisses me off so....and some of you who know me best know exactly why this pisses me off so.

add to my list of already fucking stupid shit people say:

"oh, but you don't look like a lesbian."
"don't even think you'll ever look butch with curves like that."
"forget ever looking like a butch until you cut off all your blonde curls...guys really go for hair like that."
"are you sure you're a lesbian or is this just some kind of new phase of yours?"
"it's ok to be lesbian now a days (as they whisper the word "lesbian")."
"oh, i guess you had no choice but to turn into a lesbian after such a horrible marriage."

more to add as they hit me.

F U C K!
(as she runs from the room screaming and pulling her curly-blonde-male-turn-on fucking hair!)

** a term used by Dan Savage, well-known Toronto/New York, etc gay columnist in place of retarded so as to avoid offending anyone who may possibly have a real mental health concern.


  1. Not that I am sticking up for any of them but people do say the stupidest things sometimes...and usually it is because of ignorance and nervousness and phobia that makes them hide in these clueless remarks. I know it bothers you...look how pissed i get when people call me a DUDE! I would so luv to whip my tits out and press them into their face and say, "Does this look like a DUDE to you?!?" I was gonna say another part of my body, but that might just be a little too vulgar and may turn someone on at the same time...lmao!

  2. They're just being straight people. They only know how to ID us by our looks and when we don't provide them the visual pattern of a butch (or whatever), they say stupid things.

    We know it's much more than the look. It's the attitude, the way one holds oneself and who draws our attention.

    Yeah, the people who say those things are just being straight.

  3. thanks, JUDE & EYES....appreciate helping me see it from a different angle.