Thursday, December 3, 2009

10 Navy Wharf - my 'home'...NOT!

so, maybe this is a small way of revenging on the total fucking bullshit we've (and now my partner since August as well) had to deal with since May of this year.

yeah, folks...i move from horrible shithole (previous old blog profile) to this fancy shmancy 46 (or 48?) FL condo building by Concord CityPlace Corp.

you'd think, paying $1500.00 smacks/month for a small 1 bdrm w/den condo would encourage some decent living, right? are ya fucking kidding me??

it was 'so great' for about 2 weeks after moving in. finally had a nice place to live after having lived through utter fucking hell in the shithole on 26 Heman St....holy shit, talk about white trash redneck fuckers and a psychotically imbalanced property manager/owner (fucking cunt whose name i can't even say without wanting to hurl my guts out)....too fucked up a story to get into again...just happy that one's over!
(at this point, i'd like to apologize for my ornery cursing but, honestly, there's only so much a person can take from a fucked up society until they finally burst - i see how people can actually go 'postal'!)

but now i (actually, we) can't wait to move the fuck out of here either...fuck, i'm pissed that i HAVE to move again!
as i was was nice, friendly, PEACEFUL for about 2 weeks after and then things changed......


and have been hell ever since

envision living under a freaking bowling know, bowling balls being thrown onto the floor and rolling down the lane, crashing into the pins....or
have you ever heard a huge dump truck drive over a really bumpy road with huge potholes while you're standing right beside it??? do you know the noise i'm trying to convey here????

yes, dear people....this is the fucking shit we HAVE to live with day in and day out from the assholes living above us. at any time of the day or night...seriously.

and what does the so-called decent property management tell me???? "i'm sorry, we can't just go and ask them to stop making those noises until we have proof that it is the tenant above you." W T F???

i've lived in shitholes that have done a better job with noise investigation than this place! (with exception of the last shithole, of course)

so they tell me these are the things i have to do before they take action:

1. i have to PROVE that the noise is coming from the unit above by recording it

oh, i'm you just assume that because i pay that much rent a month i have the fucking money to rent or purchase
some high tech recording equipment???? we have tried recording it with a video cam on the highest sound setting possible
but it's not picked up enough to play back the intensity and volume level of this bullshit

2. i have to call the Toronto police department (told to me by the owners of the unit upon advice from their asshole lawyer)
oh, really??? have YOU ever dealt with the Toronto police who tell me they have far worse situations to deal with
and that it's not their job but that i should refer my complaint to the property management???? um, dude, i've already
done that, duh!

3. i have to have one of their security dudes come and 'hear' the noises...yeah, ok....since the noises are RANDOM and occur
at ANYTIME of the day or night, only last about 1 minute or so, that's really going to be easy to 'listen to' about i have
one of your security dudes just fucking hang out in our condo unit for 1/2 a day or more??? maybe they can stay for dinner
or better yet, fuck, have breakfast with us so you can 'hear' this shit when it wakes us up @ 5:00 a.m. on a fucking
Sunday or 1:30 a.m. on a Thursday night.....fuck

so, i write them a final email last week that i HAVE done the things they've asked me to do and that the situation has only become worse and that i want them to look into the matter....i sent the email to their ditzy secretary with a copy to the supposed "good guy" manager...i get a 'polite' call from said dude who leaves voicemail for me....not having a chance to call back immediately, i call a couple of days later and leave a personal message with said secretary and follow up with an email to both of them ensuring that he knows i left him a, that was, what? over 1 week ago...i STILL haven't heard back from him or anyone else....status: noise continues on a daily and night basis and, oh yeah, let's throw in some fucking loud hammering AFTER cut-off time of 8:00 p.m.!

yup, what a fucking treasure this place has been...i can't wait for our lease to be up in a few months but the thought, the hard work and the freaking expense of having to move AGAIN is so frustrating.

and let's not even venture to the GENRE of individuals that live in this area....Toronto a nice city??? are ya fucking kidding me???? its reputation for being a cold, harsh and unfriendly city is TRUE.

i've never seen so many selfish, snot-nosed, cold, unfriendly bunch of losers combined in one area until now....i know Toronto has its pockets of good and bad but down in this area, the 'financial district' sucks shit, especially if you are GAY!

the damage done in and around this building is atrocious (like some loser dropping a pumpkin from a high balcony onto the children's daycare playground and then leaving pumpkin seeds all over the elevator floor after notices were posted or ripping the underground sprinkler pipes out of the ground in the gardens and the list goes and this by people who are white-collar, earn more money than i can dream of....just drive through our parking garage....the largest collection of Audi's, BMW's, Mercedes Benz, Hummer's, etc that i've ever laid my eyes you know rich folks live here in droves yet they don't know how to be kind, social or polite even in the simplest many times have i or my partner dodged a crazy-ass driver in the garage???? they don't even know what TWO LANES means as they stand their selfish-ass selves in the middle and expect everyone else to go around them...well, fuck you.

so, dear lovely people, save yourself a lot of grief and expense and don't move to this area unless that's how you really want to live....if you are a caring, warm, compassionate, respectful individual, this is not the area for you

fuck, i can't wait to leave the downtown core


  1. It's in the tenant protection act - you have a right to enjoyment of your property. If another tenant is interfering with that enjoyment, it is the landlord's responsibility to take care of it. I know it's probably a pain in the ass, but you could take your case to the housing tribunal - that stuff they're making you do is bullshit, and probably not even legal.

  2. dear Camlin...good to hear from you :-)
    unfortunately, i'm so freakin' aware of the Tenant Act - even took one landlord to tribunal and...lost! the laws are all for the landlords, dear friend....many i've spoken to have had negative or no results from taking on their landlords...Toronto especially is bad for landlord/tenant issues and the landlords always win...that's why they know they get away with all kinds of our case, it's not even worth the Tribunal as we'll be moving out in March but thank you for your supportive feedback!