Monday, November 30, 2009

how do you spell holy shit"!?!?!?

in the form of melted chocolate

in my pocket


yup, it’s been a typical Monday as usual…you know, late to work thanks to day-4 cramping to start my day, tons of ‘urgents’ awaiting my studious attention once i drag my sorry ass to my desk and barely time to breath or enjoy breakie.

after chatting it up with my friend/co-worker one floor above me, i, as usual, stop in at a member’s office and do the help-yourself thingy with the lovely ICY SQUARES Moritz foil-wrapped chocolates he puts out in a dish on his desk…he never minds when we all stop by to dig in and satisfy our sweet cravings.

but as karma would have it, i stuck the little squares of chocolate delight into my pants pocket only to…yes….forget about them all together for about

3.5 hrs!

yes, dear friends, what do you think little squares of chocolates look like after they’ve been squashed inside your pants pocket, while you’re sitting down after that length of time???

i gloriously found out quickly once i went to get up to leave my desk for lunch, place my hand inside my pants pocket to retrieve lose change and a $5 bill….

oh my, squooshy fun that didn’t quite look like chocolate if you can envision it.

by the time i retrieved all the melted goosh, the $$, and the lip balm, it had tried to camouflage itself into my already beige-with-bown stripes top I was wearing….

carefully, trying to hide my just-shit-myself-look from my co-workers, i made my way to the bathroom to clean up said mess.

well, at least i, and those in the washroom, got a good chuckle for the day….

have a good one!



  1. LMAO!
    What am I gonna do with You?!?
    Funny how B-daughter and I were talking on the walk the other day about how she gets stuff on her clothes all the time..."Like Mother, Like Daughter!" XO

  2. Oh my!

    Moritz icy squares are the worst - they melt really quickly.