Friday, December 18, 2009

an Olympic accident

talk about unbeknownst timing on the dog walk this

it was a rougher night for me than usual.....not the best platform for waking up cheerful

and i wasn't
not in the least

i just wanted to escape before i had to deal with the morning encounter and all that comes with, hugs, etc
i knew i couldn't deal with all that this morning although, later, i managed a wave only because i knew i had to....not because it felt good to do
unfortunately, that's what my bad mood provides this cold-metal-block type wall that makes it hard for me to allow the love shine through while i'm feeling that's a fucked up defense mechanism, i know, but almost impossible for me to change

so i took B out for her morning walk....a routine i try to faithfully follow on my Friday's off to give M a break

leaving the building, i see flashing lights and cop cars everywhere blocking the roads in and out of our area which is right there beside the Roger's Centre (formerly known as The Skydome).

as curious minds obviously want to know wtf is going on THIS time again, especially @ 6:00 a.m., i see another dog walker and he tells me it's the Torch Run coming! right there where i live??!!!??

without even realizing it, i became so excited and exhiliarated at the privilege of witnessing this special event this morning where, yesterday, i was just telling a colleague how it's really not such a big deal, blah blah blah, after she was so excited and happy that she actually knew one of the torch runners personally.

as i watched the convoy of Olympian decorated truck floats, cops, trailers, etc slowly pass by and all the people on them wave and yell good morning cheers to us all, it lifted my mood so much, i felt my lips curve into such a huge smile that i actually felt, at that moment, like the Grinch had when his heart had grown bigger and bigger towards the folks in Whoville (only, where we are, is more like Loserville or Assholeville). There were actual tears flowing from my eyes because it felt so great to be witness to a part of history.

B did her business in time for me to come back around to see the Torch Runner pass us by, proudly holding that flame high.

i guess i now do see why everyone is so excited about this....afterall, it IS being held in Canada, it IS being celebrated by Canadians and part of it IS happening right in downtown Toronto...and right outside my front door!

maybe this mood uplifting will carry me well throughout my busy day ahead.

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