Wednesday, March 10, 2010

the 'phallacy' of it all...

really, W T F??? i know, i know...i'm on such a 'hate-Toronto' kick these days...i'm sorry to those of you who love the big TO but since not having too many positive experiences with this stank city, i cannot honestly portray it in a positive way...although living so close to the lake/Harbourfront certainly has its pleasant advantages...

anyhow, i normally don't read the dude-geared newspapers like the Toronto Sun exactly because of that...all articles are written with such testosterone-fed wording it's, literally, sick-a-tating.

but today i wanted to read up on the latest tragedies of father/daughter dying in fire, OPP cop shot to death on highway near London, local cop in auto accident dying at the scene...but, of course, the FIRST article that hits me is not any of these stories, it's about the Moonlight Ladies - the 'older' version of the Sunshine Girls.

i'm not complaining about that by any means. i, myself, could easily qualify as a Moonlight Lady and no doubt there are many in the TO area that are hot, older women.

what pissed me off was the sexually-geared way the article was written. so i felt i just HAD to respond...

"Although I applaud Mr. Strobel's launching of the Moonlight Ladies, I'm disgusted with the sexually based comments made in this piece. examples: "Men across this fair land will long treasure the memory of Olympic curler Cheryl Bernard, 43, screaming “harder, harder!”

Honestly, why do we need to continue to implode society with sexual analogies of man-pleasuring insanely phallic has this society become??? Everywhere I go, I see phallicly-geared advertisements, posters, statues, art continues to baffle my head at how we continue to live in the dark ages of this man-owned society.

I'm already LMFAO at how dudes across Toronto will be ripping themselves a new anal hole at my comments. Calm down doggies."

ha! and further, when i checked back later, some dude made a lame comment about how i should just chill out and get a sense of humour...well, i just HAD to comment back on that as well at how i didn't expect any intelligent responses to my comment and that dude himself certainly didn't disappoint.

yeah, some days i'm not so nice.

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