Friday, March 12, 2010

American Idol voters have stupid ideas...

of who's a great singing talent and who's not...really, wtf???

ok, so M gets me all hooked on AI Canadians, we really should watch the Canadian version but they don't have Ellen, eh ;-)

so i'm faithfully watching this from the beginning and, aside from Simon's occasional fucked up wrong critiquing of the singers, i'm agreeing with America's vote...

until last night

holy shit, wtf (yes, obviously my fav acronym to use)

how stupid is that?? do you NOT know a great talented voice when you hear it??? what the hell could have possibly made AI voters decide to kick off such an enormous talent with great looks to boot?????????

Lilly Scott

i was stunned, to say the least...prior to the final decision before commercial break, M had said to me that if Lilly Scott got booted rather than Katie, she wouldn't watch the show anymore and i told her, with great confidence in AI voters, that was NOT about to happen because, so i thought, Americans knew a fucking good thing when they heard/saw it...

(are ya kidding me????)
fuck, was i WRONG!

the ONLY reason i can fathom that this may have happened is that, in the general AI population, they weren't quite ready for Lilly's uniqueness so they stuck with the all-American-cutie safe choice instead...gawd,

fuck, whatever....
my personal favourites, aside from Lilly are:

Crystal Bowersox

OOPS! wrong Casey James!!!! my bad ;-)
THIS Casey James....

let's see how long these two will last...hmmm, Casey maybe but i fear that Crystal might be next only because she doesn't have that "glossy beauty" look to her.

i think i'll waste my time watching something that makes more sense from now on.


  1. I don't think Canadian Idol exists anymore.

    I like Casey James. He plays a mean guitar. I'm watching because I started watching, and it's a good show to watch while riding the cross trainer...and Ellen...but I'm not expecting big musical discoveries. I have friends who struggle as independent musicians who can outshine a lot of folks on AI any day.

  2. now that wouldn't surprise me at all, Camlin, that you have friends with more talent...there is a tone of talent just waiting to be some of these make it onto a show like that is puzzling...