Friday, October 9, 2009

yummy foods....

OMG...if there is ONE thing that is a constant with me....

it's the LOVE of FOOD!


apparently, according to those who love me, i eat A LOT! lol

so, i'm always happy to find new sites with new recipes, new food ideas, new things to EAT!

here is one i found by accident...totally...while looking up yummy t'ings i want to bake for mine and M's families for this Thanksgiving weekend....check out
her site, it's got LOTS of yummies on it!, i'll be up and baking...
a healthy version Pumpkin Tart w/Toasted Nut Crust, Peach Cobbler (Paula Dean's version - NOT healthy), M will be bringing her delish Cranberry/Apple Chutney - these for my parental units/family;

a Lemon Mascarpone Custard topped with Strawberry Mousse (mostly for my future mother-in-law) which will be topped with M's scrumptuous Raspberry Coulis and a White Bean, Tomato & Avacodo Salad for the rest of my new upcoming extended family ;-)

HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE! enjoy all the family closeness and goods eats this weekend and remember.....

there are ALWAYS things in our lives we NEED to be thankful for.

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