Wednesday, October 28, 2009

an apology would be nice….

so, when a long-time friend says something bordering on insulting…or at the least, when she knows she freakin’ well hurt your feelings, ya think a kcufing apology would be warranted????

really…W T F???

(btw…”kcufing” – a new way for me to profane my language – saw it in lyrics for one of my fav TLC songs – keep your sparkling eyes out for other ‘pig latin’ words)

ok…so i got my haircut short…finally – after months and months of indecision. the last time i had short hair, i was 15…you do the math ;-)

and yes, it was a big deal for me….and others
and yes, i know it’s a shock to all those who initially see me

but the initial feedback was mostly positive with exception to one of my team old-timer-ready-to-retire T.O.’s who simply told me (as he’s shrugging his shoulders and a friendly smirk on his face) “well, it doesn’t change who you are.” – bugger LOL

he loves chattin’ me up on politics (which i humour him on ‘cause i kcufing HATE discussing politics and religion) and i don’t mind him unloading his complaints on me when one of the tribunal members has pissed him off….

so, not having seen ‘friend’ for a while and when i did, my hair was slicked back and pony tailed so she wouldn’t necessarily have seen the new doo, i thought i’d pay a visit to the floor she was working on and WAS going to ask her for lunch…well, fuck that shit

she looks at me and loudly bursts out “what the fuck did you do to your hair?? i mean it’s ok but why did you cut it short???” as her face reflects sheer disgust and shock.

well, being very tired, pms’ing, feeling somewhat depressed and generally just not feeling well, i turned around, hands up in the air, with an “i’m outta here” and kept walking even after she yelled at me to come back……again, fuck that shit.

of course i don’t expect everyone to like it but, fuck, it took me up until last week to even remotely start accepting it and somewhat liking it. if you don’t like it, then maybe just keep your trap shut and say nothing at all….um, just a thought.

it’s been approx. 3.5 hrs since and…as expected…no email apology yet…nothing.

i remember she pulled something similar with me a couple years back which, then as well, kept me away from her and our friendship. she’s a sweet enough girl but seems to have trouble apologizing when she clearly knows she’s done or said something to hurt feelings.

and that really pisses me off.

side note to my soon-to-be wife: sorry ,babe…that’s one little fortune cookie off the list we ain’t sharin’ anymore ;-)

of course…i’m kidding ***devilish grin***


  1. It's amazing how cruel people can be....

  2. I chopped my hair last night too. I do it about once a year. It's a tad short, but in a week it'll be perfect.

    I think the friend is jealous .. you know .. like you did it, she wants to, but can't. Something like that.


  3. thanks for the feedback, girls :-)