Thursday, August 20, 2009

the trouble with speaking...

as she knows, i allow lyrics - too often - to speak what my chicken-ass mouth can't
for someone who often has verbal diarrhea, it's become difficult for me to verbalize emotions - well, at least positive ones...i still don't seem to have any trouble mouthing off when i'm pissed! lol

my song (1 of 100) for you:


I'm finding the more I see you the more I can see

Now I'm not hiding anymore
Come on baby
Let me know how you feel
Come on take me
I can see this is real
Ever since your love filled my life
I see it's changing everything
Don't you know the way you move me
It's so right, it's better than anything
You are the star in the night
Shining for me baby
Love is so right
Come on I'm feeling everything.

You know me in a way like no one ever before
You hold me forever

***totally blushing***

1 comment:

  1. That's beautiful Hon....thank you...i will hold you forever XO