Tuesday, August 4, 2009

the melding of Rose

hi all...i know i know
haven't written in a while
been kind of busy ;-)

some new - completely unexpected - circumstances have entered my life in the past few weeks.
not sure what to make of it all yet but
not needing to overanalyze the situation right now either.
so i'll just go-with-the-flow,
see where this spiralling river takes me....us.
not going to predict anything
because i still have to deal with my committment issues
along with a shitload of other baggage i really need to shed.

simply take it one day at a time
because all i do know for now,
for certain,
is that this 'thing'
she and i are sharing
is fucking amazing
so natural
so sensual, erotic,
pure intimate bliss
tinged with intense emotions,
two souls colliding smoothly into one.

this 'thing',
so much fun
for both of us
laughter galore,
incredibly great
intense yet gentle

i want to hold on to that
for now,
for as long as it's supposed to be
held on to,
nurtured gently
by two women who share so much in common,
our lives always parallel to each other,
separated by life's events yet molding together as one
like our special 'baby' now named Rose

maybe hope has been granted me again?
but i dare not think too far ahead
or make hasty decisions.

just enjoy
she and i.


  1. ...it's a great plan...i'm in...kiss Baby Rose goodnight ; ) xo

  2. welcome back...but what a wonderful reason to be away.

    and I'm happy for you.

  3. thank you Jude...let's see how the road ahead unwinds ;-)