Thursday, September 30, 2010

I scratched my back with a fork...

and that’s how my day’s weird the ‘tools’ we find to help us through some nasty-ass stuff when we don’t have the luxury of our Loved One helping us out – yeah, my Baby does amazing back scratches for me...mind you, i look like a raw piece of something after but it works!

i have this spot on my back that has a constant itch that gets SO bad, it drives me crazy. when She scratches it for me at home, i’m certain Our teenage son can definitely hear the loud groans of pleasure emitting from my mouth as She goes to town relieving my insane discomfort.

so, another nasty episode hits me while i’m at my desk at work...frantically looking for something to ease this fucker, i spot the fork and away i go...thankfully, no one was witness to this maniacal scene, especially since i’m still considered the NKOTB.

work...another sore spot with me these days...i’ve, stupidly maybe?, taken on an assignment at another office until the end of March next year. i’m into week 6 of my secondment but don’t feel any smarter about the processes here than day 1. wtf??

after 30+ years of working, this is all new shit to me...i’m not used to being on the learning end for one’s me that everyone’s been coming to for how to’s, advice, etc. – learning is good...but i feel like a total ‘tard for not having learned it all by my 2nd week! (no derogatory intent to those in our society who are a wee bit slower in their thinking process).

the amounts and sources of information coming in daily are overwhelming to say the least. one of my key responsibilities on this job is to filter, delegate and disburse all incoming emails to my manager, she being the second highest in command of the place...we’re talkin’ anywhere from 200 to 400 per day! how am i supposed to know what the fuck to do with them all if i have NO clue what they’re all about??? yup, i know, i know...there’s a learning period for every job but this particular position CANNOT afford that kind of learning, after numerous sleepless nights and several migraines, i think i’ll just make peace with myself knowing i’ll do the best i can under the circumstances...should be a little easier knowing now that i have the full support and understanding of top management staff and my related coworkers :-) ok, i’ll stick it out...i think ;-)

relationships...i see Her sexy hand on the passenger seat as i exit the car, knowing Her beautiful sparkling browns are looking at me walking away...She’s dropped me off at the subway station like We do every morning. most mornings, it takes all my resolve to NOT turn around, get back in the car and go back home with Her. it’s really hard leaving Her every morning so that both of Us can go to Our ho-hum jobs so We can meek through life with food, clothing, shelter and occasional entertaining. i was ready to give all that up...that relationship thing. i truly wanted to be single after i ended the last one...why the fuck bother with all the hassles and shit? but She changed all that...and even through the difficult days, when i feel all fucking hell is breaking loose and i feel like things are just too much for me, there She is, always with Her undying (i hope) love for me, Her amazingly sexy arms waiting to hold me...that touch...that touch is often all it takes to tame the beast inside of me...and that’s also why, when i’m just so damn angry, i won’t let Her touch me. but, i can’t resist, into day 136? of Our wedded bliss, i toast You, Baby, for never giving up on me...on Us...even when i didn’t know it was going to be an Us.

ok, that's my report for now...saluting all you lovely lesbians out there

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