Thursday, September 16, 2010


not everything :-(
so, wifey and i were in the area of this fab cheese shop we'd heard about on Toronto Living. We happened to be in the area over the long weekend and decided to drop in and see what kinds of delish cheeses We could leave with. ;-) 'cause wifey and i are most certainly cheeseLovers galore!

by recommendation of one of their 'cheese specialists' (dude was a wee bit on the weird side...caught him taking the broken slices of our order, chopping off the rind and hauling it into his yap like there was no tomorrow!), We bought some amazing Vieux Bruges Gouda - a smooth sliceable cheese with a spicy edge that melts amazingly on grilled cheese, westerns or just by itself alone on some nice cracked wheat bread! 'crackle, pop, mmmm, yum'!

cheese, however, is not all We spent Our hard-earned pennies on...alongside numerous other goodies, i spotted a beautiful green jar of Mint Sauce priced @ $7.99 but i thought, "hey, i've always wanted to find Mint Sauce already made" since i've had the privilege of eating it several times at a famous Indian restaurant...i, of course, didn't expect it to be the same as the restaurant style but i certainly wasn't expecting what i got when i opened the jar...

to my utter disappointment, it took 3 of us to even open the jar...once the jar was opened, a weird odour emitted and i noticed how it was 'just not right looking'...see what i mean below...

it looks like 'someone' had already eaten out of it...or it was just plain bad. all i know is...i can't eat my anticipated Mint Sauce.

being respectful, i'm not naming the store chain and i've cropped the receipt part although i do have other photos with a clear copy of the receipt.

i go to cheese company's in the far north of TO and not having regular access to a vehicle, i was not about to venture via TTC-snail-mode plus umpteen buses to return an $8 product...i want to write to them and send them my photos of product-gone-wrong...well, conveniently, their website only allows for written communication through a form rather than actual email can't send them any photos that way either, now can i??? makes me kind of suspicious as to how well they stand behind their products...

so...looks like i have no choice. i'm going back on their website - back to the form so i can send them the link to my blog, hoping they'll be kind and find some way of reimbursing me?

that would be nice :-)

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