Thursday, April 29, 2010

overwhelming emotions

M and i went for an extended walk the other day, with B, to the other side of Harbourfront. soon We'll not have that opportunity so close to Us...We're moving in a few weeks...but that's another story (yay! Our first house together! ). i'll be so glad to be out of this cesspool of idiotic freaks but i will miss the Harbourfront...

anyhow, We walked down towards the malting company and decided to walk to the back of it, closer to the harbour and the water where, often, We see the long-tailed duckies swimming around and diving...they are SO cute

oh shit...
suddenly, as i walked past the malting building, an enormous wave of doom washed over me (and M) We continued to walk down the side of it, looking up at the ominous size reaching towards the sky, my body started to shake...

We continued to walk towards the back when M saw the first of them...a collection of statues facing towards the CN Tower but these were anything but ordinary statues...the artist designed them to appear destitute, frightened and at 'the end' of their lives...We were both emotional but i became so intensely sad at the aura these statues were emanating towards me, that i found myself crying like i had lost a loved one
We came back the next day, fighting the sudden onslaught of winds and bitter cold, with Our cameras...this, the story of Irish immigrants who came to Canada for a better life...their story is told in the rocks with their names inscribed...this park was especially designed to tell the world their story...


  1. Wow! Just wow! Isn't it amazing that you felt the energy before you saw the statues? I have to go see them!

  2. Anonymous4/5/10 13:53

    Great Shots Hon! I love it when we go on these excursions and find amazing things. XOXOXOXO