Wednesday, December 1, 2010

shit i hate...

this may be the start of a new extension of my blog..."shit i hate"

today, i have 2 for ya...

#1 picture this: i walk into our work washroom, about 10 cubicles to choose from...i always choose #2 cubicle if it's avail...and it was. so, i'm thinking, great, i can do my poop business before anyone might come in. not 2 freakin' seconds later, some twit comes in, interrupting the natural flow of the business which wouldn't haven't been so bad except the dooshbag (my version of this infamous name...don't argue with me) decides to park her ass into cubicle #....


W T F??? are you fucking have at LEAST 7 or 8 other cubicles to choose from but you just HAVE to use the one RIGHT beside me??? the picture: me, sitting on the toilet, pants around ankles, arms up in a WTF pose, mouthing those exact words...fuck, i hate that kind of shit

#2 how many of you were as put off by Brandy's fucked up behaviour on DWTS like me and wifey?? yeah, what a doosh she made of herself. totally relieved when she got her ass voted off...way to go american voters :-)
sitting on the subway home today, i happen to look over and see a replica of this singing self-absorbed diva...i had to control the urge to walk over and smack that same stupid look Brandy (and replica) has when she's pulling 'tude...sadly, can't find an image on it

ok, so that's a good start to 'shit i hate'

oh...there's a #3

#3 i hate when wifey and i are fighting :-(

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